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Never lose your customer faith and trust again.

Mobile Apps have become one of the prime ways for small business communication & promotion. With instant messaging apps, owners can easily send in product details, images, take orders and promote new arrivals. However, there is a chance of your message getting lost in a sea of messages. This, often, leads of customer frustration and the loyalty takes a hit. The scariest part about business communication is the gap. The deeper the gap, the deeper the hole in your pocket.

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What is Kookdokoo ?

It is a simple business communication app that helps you chat with,notify, and stay in constant touch with your vendors and customers. We have built this app with utmost attention to factors that affect the various stakeholders in your business.

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Gives you complete control of Communication with multiple stakeholders without forgetting the tiniest bit of information.

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Helps them utilize time optimally by avoiding communication glitches & sequential misunderstandings with organization’s grassroots.

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Keeps them connected with you at all points in time through a dense meshed facility for notifying about updates & loyalty programs.

C H E C K   O U T   K O O K D O O K O O   A P P   N O W  !

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Features & Benefits

Because of its applicability to almost every stakeholder in your business, Kookdokoo earnestly offers the highest communicative value compared to other apps. We, tailor it, to suit your need perfectly!

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Unlimited Groups, Unlimited Participants

Create unlimited groups, invite as many people as you want and share as much information as you want. .

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Unprecedented Control

Approve of subscription requests as they arrive or pre-approve of the members who you expect, would be dropping in

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Conversation Archives

Save up important communication threads automatically for future use.

photosharing app

Unlimited Photo Sharing

You have a complete photo gallery space at your disposal. Use it without regret.

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Auto Create Groups

Choose a criteria while a group is automatically created accordingly to it. Shoot more targeted messages.

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One Click Broadcast

Keeps them connected with you at all points in time through a dense meshed facility for notifying about updates & loyalty programs.

And, there’s more!

We understand that you stay super-busy and have absolutely no time for complications of any sort. That is the reason, we brought to you, an efficient application with an extremely simple administrative panel.

You get to do basically everything using the user-friendly dashboard. A wisely placed side menu panel comes handy in delving into the details of your communicative history. Add members, create groups, make changes in your existing groups, initiate conversations, send notifications and messages to a single individual or to an entire group, all in simple single clicks.

We have kept it totally non-techie for you, so even if you are too tied up to manage your panel yourself, you can quickly get someone trained to handle it on your behalf. Training people to handle the admin would not take a minute more than a couple of hours – that’s our promise.

Kookdokoo, presently, caters to the following industries

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Allright, so are we ready?

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And, this is not it! We can customize features that are meant just to serve your business.


Being used globally

Irrespective of the country you are located in, you can still use Kookdookoo to stay in constant touch with your audience.

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people say’s

Quote  With Kookdokoo white lable app, I got a new identitiy for my business communications. I can run my readymade garment wholesale business more efficiently. Communicating with wholesale dealers by sending images of design and confirming the purchases made easy. I can track back every message as well mass communication is made simpler to all wholesalers and retail customers. The app has increased my business 10X times. -Fakhri Garments  customer

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